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Why I Am Loving The SimpliSafe Security Alarm System.

Updated: May 12, 2022

A friend of mine recently offered to buy me a gift of my choosing for my home. Talk about generosity! I spent days writing my wish list, looking at rugs, lights, decorations, etc. Finally one night, I was home alone with the kids and it hit me: a security system! You see, I'm a total scaredy-cat. I absolutely hate being alone at night. So I decided to spend my gift money on peace of mind. And it's becoming even more amazing than I thought it would be. Here's why:

First of all, I used to think security systems were that luxury thing you spend tons of money on. I just couldn't justify it. And after seeing my mom spend hundreds of dollars on just a couple of Arlo cameras, I assumed systems weren't for me. But after some research, I read about SimpliSafe being the best value DIY system out there. Here are some amazing features:

- You can completely customize your package for your house.

- Set up is so easy.

- My kids feel safer being "friends" with the police now.

- It integrates with Alexa (as well as google home and august locks).

- You can customize your devices depending on whether you are HOME or AWAY.

- Each member in your household can have their own pin as well as customize their notifications.

- Some people get 5-20% off their home insurance.

- There are panic buttons on the keypad and the fob if you need it.

I didn't opt-in but you can also monitor things like fires, water damage, pipes bursting. You can also set up a monitor on things like a liquor or gun cabinet and get secret alerts so the system doesn't go off but you know what is going on.

Here is the breakdown of what I got. Keep in mind, my house is pretty big so I got a lot of stuff:

-1 x Base Station (Cloud)

- 1 x Wireless Keypad (Cloud)

- 1 x Key Fob

- 9 x Entry Sensor

- 1 x Motion Sensor

- 1 x Glassbreak Sensor

- 1 x Free Yard Sign

- 1 x Auxiliary Siren

- 1 x SimpliCam Security Camera

- 1 x 24/7 Professional Monitoring (Interactive) - 30 Days Free

Total: $348.62

*Interactive Monitoring is $25 a month but you can opt-out for no ongoing fee.

Some cool notes:

- The fob goes on your keys so you can set your alarm from your car and has an additional panic button.

- The motion detector can tell the difference between pets and people.

- The glass break sensor can tell the difference between broken plates and broken windows.

- The camera is meant for the inside but you can get a weatherproof cover if you want to place it outside.

- Even my husband, who has major issues with not so efficient products was pleasantly surprised by the design and functionality of the system.

Click the link below for 30% off!

*Transparency Note: These links have a referral code. The referral code gets me 3 months of free monitoring and YOU get 30% off when you select professional monitoring. Despite the perk, I bought this system with no intention of writing about it. I truly love it.

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