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What I am Buying For Black Friday (2023) Beauty & Health Products

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Hey there! While Black Friday might not be everyone's cup of tea, I personally can't get enough of it. I'm all about snagging some awesome deals, but I like to keep things organized and avoid going overboard with random purchases.

Here's my little trick:

I create a Pinterest board filled with things I'd love to own. It comes in handy when friends and family ask for gift ideas during Christmas or my birthday. I call it my "inspiration" list, although some folks wish I'd just send them direct links. During Black Friday, I turn to this board to treat myself to a few items I've been eyeing, especially those big-ticket ones that are over $100.

This year, my focus is on health and beauty for a couple of reasons:

  1. I'm considering offering upgrade options to my Craniosacral Therapy clients, and I plan to test some new things (plus, it's a business write-off).

  2. Last year, I received some amazing beauty treatments like Botox, filler, facials, and biohacking goodies as gifts. Unfortunately (or fortunately), I loved them all. So, I've been doing my research to figure out how to give myself spa/wellness treatments at home that rival the professional (and pricey) sessions.

Without further ado, here's what's on my Black Friday shopping list, along with a few runner-ups. Let the deals begin!

Apollo Neuro: Lower Anxiety, Improve Sleep and Focus.

Not the prettiest thing on the market but what the Apollo claims to do is use vibration (haptic feedback) to train your parasympathetic nervous system. I'm personally a believer of giving yourself grace when it comes to healing. Ultimately, lifestyle changes are what is going to move the needle in your healing journey but why not get help along the way? I know when my anxiety hits, so does irritability, fatigue, sensory overload, you name it. Bring on the mom guilt and lack of motivation in my career. I know that I can get one Craniosacral session and it largely all goes away. That is way easier than waiting a long time to see the benefits of my lifetyle changes happen. I'm not saying don't do lifestyle changes. I'm saying to both! Make your health journey as easy as possible!

Sometimes I just need help and this is where the Apollo Neuro comes in. It was created by a neuroscientist and has a lot of great research on it's website. Just check out the benefits below.

A Device For The Whole Family

Not only am I excited to try it but I plan to have my 9 year old try this device out. I am suspicious he might have ADHD and this could help him with transitions and focus at school (Dear God just don't lose it son!).

How to Get This For As Cheap As Possible!

Right now their devices are $70 which is a great savings but here's how to get max discounts:

-If you install Rakuten on your browser (or shop through the website you can get an additional 4% off.

-If you buy a refurbished device off their site it's only $200!

-Try $40 off with this link.

I bought a refurbished item as well as the Apollo Clip so my kid can wear it ($369 value for $219.98) and got an additional $8 back on Rakuten (See below).

I mean would you spend $211 if you know you could significantly lower you and your child's stress without having to change your lifestyle? Yeah, I'd say it's worth the investment.

Better Than Botox

Last year, I decided to give Botox a shot (no pun intended) because, you know, I have this unwarranted fear that my eyebrows will decide to take a nosedive into my face—it's apparently in my genetic destiny. But, bummer alert, I ended up with a headache, and the effects didn't stick around for long.

Now, here's my theory as a Craniosacral Practitioner: I think the lack of mobility caused by Botox puts some restrictions on the craniosacral system. You know, the forehead, facial bones, all those bits that move as the Cerebral Spinal Fluid gets pumped through the body. So, add that to the list of reasons why people might not be Botox enthusiasts.

But fear not! I've discovered two methods/devices for giving yourself an at-home facelift. Let's just say, I'm on a quest for that fresh-faced feeling without the Botox drama! 😊✨


Microcurrent devices are not new at this point but I guess I am late to the party. What is microcurrent you ask? Through the application of low-voltage electricity specifically targeting ATP cell growth, microcurrent works to firm up the muscles and connective tissues of the face. Consequently, this process stimulates essential cellular activities, including the production of collagen, lymphatic drainage, lifting of the skin, and the smoothing of texture. It's FDA approved and has been on the market a while now.

There are a lot of before and after images out there but here is one as an example:

The best device for beginners out there is the Nuface Mini. I chose to get a more professional type device with the Myolift. Below is how to get both discounted:

Nuface Mini: You can get this on Currentbody discounted for $165 with 2% back on Rakuten.

Myoface Mini: You can get this on CurrentBody discounted for $265 with 2% back on Rakuten.

You can use code BF15AFF for another 15% off Black Friday Sale prices.

Why I chose the Myolift

If you want to try microcurrent at the cheapest price and the easiest use, get the Nuface mini.

I personally wanted a stronger, professional grade set up where I can customize the face. This allows me to use it on other people. And because of the strength, it doesn't have to be used as often as the nuface and I'm hoping the results will be more immediete looking (which is a plus if I try this out on clients).

To be honest, I'm thinking about getting both to try out. If the nuface is just so easy to use that I keep reaching for that device, it may be more worth it.

Seeing as how I spent $600 last time I had botox/fillers done, $238.50 seems like a sweet deal.

Conductive Gel!?

Okay you need one more product with your microcurrent device which is conductive gel. The cheapest is to just get some ultrasound gel off amazon. You will also most likely get some with either device you buy. One tip: It seems like many people favor Nuface conductive gels the best. I haven't experimented with either yet so I will keep you posted!

EMS Facelift and Body Contour With Medicube

After diving into tons of research, I found the top three facelift devices: Nuface mini, Myolift, and the AGE-R Derma EMS Shot by Medicube.

Let me tell you about Medicube—these guys are like the pros of at-home devices, giving you those pro-level results. EMS stands for electrical muscular stimulation. It's like the deeper, more intense cousin of microcurrent, almost like your muscles are getting a workout without you having to break a sweat.

I stumbled upon this super informative video that explains some differences between Microcurrent and EMS.

Apparently, Microcurrent is all about boosting ATP (adenosine triphosphate), while EMS depletes it. So, here's the scoop: Microcurrent might be your go-to for a healthier anti-aging routine, and EMS could be your superhero if you're dealing with lots of wrinkles and need a serious lift or are looking for body contouring. It's also great if you are an athlete and need muscle recovery. I plan to try this out on a kink in my shoulder that none of my bodyworkers can seem to fix.

Now, here's the kicker—I'm in my 30s, and I was thinking of saving EMS for my 40s or 50s. But guess what? It just went 50% off (until Nov 22nd), so I figured, why not give it a shot now?

My Daily Massage With Hypervolt

Alright, this product is not new for me but it's one I use everyday. My kids and I crawl into bed every night and I take turns using it on them as well. I absolutely love it. I found out about this brand through my many wellness friends. From Crossfit Coach to Chiropractor, this seems to be the device to get.

And Hypervolt has a great sale going on! $30-$100 off products. You can also revice 2.5% back with Rakuten and here is another $25 off!

The Skin Care Routine I've Been Looking For: Dermaplane with Versed

Since hitting my 30's I've noticed a decline in my skins ability to exfoliate. My face just always feels congested no matter what product I use. But then I recieved some dermaplaning by my esthetician and really loved my skin for a about a month. So I was over the moon to realize I could do a mini version of this at home to keep my congested face under control. And it's super affordable.

Keep in mind each blade can be used several times so it's a 2-6 month supply.

Regular price is $19.99

-If you are new they have a 20% off coupon.

-Rakuten will get you an additional 5% back

right now.

-If you buy three you will get free shipping.

-I also recieved a free clay mask with purchase!

As someone who just doesn't want to deal with trying all the different exfoliant products out there, this seems like an affordable and minimal approach to skincare. And seeing as a dermaplane facial is about $75+ at a salon this seems like a win (to be totally fair you get a more thorough facial by a professional in salons).

The Ultimate Device For Wellness: Red Light Therapy

You might have seen those crazy red light therapy masks out there for beauty routines. I was close to buying one when I learned that Red Light panels are more powerful and more versatile. Red light has been long proven to have immense health benefits. The more youtube videos and podcasts I listen to, Red light just keeps popping up from doctors, estheticians, and wellness influencers. You can customize your light session depending on what you want to be working on (acne, muscle recovery, etc).

Most Redlight devices have at least 660 and 850 but there are several other wavelengths out there (swipe through the gallery below to see info on each wavelength). Then throw in other colors like green you see in beauty masks. My understanding is there is just not as much research in these other colors like Red light and blue light.

So while I know I want to get a panel because of it's versatility and more bang for your buck, can it truly replace Red light masks?

I found this video that was very interesing. This narrowed it down to this light since it offered some blue light as well. It has RED 660NM + NIR 850NM/BLUE 480NM. And it's currently $200 off! You can also try 5OFF for 5% off regular priced item.

If you don't care too much about Blue Light, This Mito300 pro is the cheaper runner up. It has 25% 630nm, 25% 660nm, 25% 830nm, 25% 850nm. 50% Red and 50% Near Infrared (NIR). Click this link and use code SARAH for an additional 5% off at checkout.

For Black Friday they have 25% off mobile and belt products with MOBILE25 and 20% off mats with code MAT20.

And if you want to keep it cheap and simple at just the most common 660nm Red, 850nm Near-Infrared then the Hooga brand is where it's at. Use coupon code SARAH12 for an additional 12% off!

Unfortunately so far I am not seeing a black friday sale yet for these lights. I am checking everyday so check back as I update the blog!

Didn't Make The Cut ...Yet

More Medicube

At some point I would love to try all of Medicube Products. Here are their other devices worth checking out.

Air Shot: Some call it microneedling without the needles.

Booster H: Increase your current skincare products better. This increase absorbtion 5x.

Ussera Deep Shot: 50% off right now! Another Botox like device designed to increase collagen production.

Upgrade Your Vagina?

I really wish this device was cheaper but I am still super tempted to buy it. A device for your vagina. It uses heat, vibration and LED lights to improve the quality in there. Just stick it in and let it do its job.

Purchased off Current Body you still get discounts. 15% off with BF15AFF. Additional 2% off with Rakuten.

I would 100% pay $275 to upgrade my sex life. Just sayin....


This device is super popular.

Because I decided to get a Red Light Panel instead I opted out of this but holy cow, the sale is amazing right now. Everything on the site is buy one get one free (plus 2% back with Rakuten). Definetly worth checking out!

As we get closer to Black Friday. I am going to be updating this blog so stay tuned! So far the only pressing sale is that 50% off medicube until the 22nd!.

What beauty and wellness devices do you swear by these days?

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