Hello, I'm Sarah

When creating this blog I had to dive deep on what exactly it is I feel I have to offer and share. If you could bullet point a person this would be me:


  • California>Idaho Mom of 2 boys

  • I married my dance partner. We are Swing Dance teachers and get paid to travel the World...seriously

  • We also teach Swing Dancing online if you want to learn...just saying.

  • My husband fell in love recently with Ultramarathon running (and won his first 100).

  • And I recently fell in love with martial arts. Punching things is just so satisfying.

  • I have a son who is pre-asthma and I’m determined to heal him through healthy living.

  • My parenting style is a mix of RIE Parenting mixed with my own intuition.

  • I would love to be content as a stay-at-home mom but I’m just not. I need my own time and my own work. Sometimes what I want for my children conflicts with what I want for myself.

  • My biggest health goals are to create not just a healthy body but a healthy MIND.

  • I am a pretty bad cook and journey to provide my husband with delicious meals, my son with nourishing meals, and myself with sanity in organizing it all.

  • My husband and I are a little obsessed with self-help podcasts and audiobooks.

  • I’m obsessed with Thrift stores.

  • I have really expensive tastes with a limited budget so I can get really savvy to accomplish my goals.


My blog is not about being a guru. I am someone on a journey of self-discovery who has a strong desire to share my mistakes and triumphs as I navigate through it all.

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