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My Favorite Natural Lipsticks w/ 💯 Pure (10 Swatches)

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Where are all my obsessed matte lipstick wearers at 🙋

I discovered this brand several years ago and my obsession just keeps growing. I have no idea how it is that I have loved every single color I have purchased. The texture is on point. They last a long time and they are shockingly moisturizing for being matte.

Check out this hefty list of 100 pure lipstick benefits:

  • Fruit Pigmented®

  • Natural

  • Vegan

  • Cruelty-Free

  • Gluten-Free

  • Made in USA

So I went a little crazy and bought 10 shades to try out and share with you!

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Pink Canyon

A dusty pink, matte, opaque, & long-wearing lipstick.

Thoughts: I love this light peachy pink color. I will say I think it looks a little better on camera than in person. Also, this was the least matte texture of all the lipsticks. So it can highlight uneven texturing of the lips. I do plan to contact the company and get another one sent to see if this was just a fluke with the one I got.


A cool, deep dusty pink.

Thoughts: I wear this a lot. It's a great pink nude color.


A neutral, deep nude.

Thoughts: YES! My favorite nude I have ever worn.


A pink mauve cocoa

Thoughts: I'm definitely keeping this one. I love the darker brown but it still has some warm undertones.


A cool-toned, antique berry.

Thoughts: I think it's very pretty and got compliments as soon as I put it on. That being said I will probably keep the more dramatic Savanna over this for my personal style.


A deep berry purple, matte, opaque, & long-wearing lipstick.

Thoughts: The pigment is dramatic and rich. If you are looking for a fun color get this. I wouldn't say this is an everyday color so I would choose more the nudes over this but if your budget allows, get it.


A vibrant fuchsia, matte, opaque & long-wearing lipstick.

Thoughts: This is another color that is fun and bold. Again, not an everyday nude so I would say get it if your budget allows.


An orange-red, matte, opaque, & long-wearing lipstick.

Thoughts: OBSESSED. Just get it.


A neutral, deep, vibrant ruby.

Thoughts: Love it. Definitely more classic. If you are looking for someone more unique get the Nopal or Blood Orange.

Blood Orange

A classic brick red, a matte, opaque, & long-wearing lipstick.

Thoughts: OBSESSED. Get it.

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Let me know your favorite color!
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