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The Best Coffee Shop in DTLA

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Getting a good coffee in DTLA is pretty easy (by good I mean pour over good). In fact, so easy I am always a little disappointed in the Starbucks drinkers I see roaming around.

There's Spring for Coffee (pic #1) where all the locals go. Great coffee (Coava roasters, my husband's favorite) to grab to go but sitting there likely means you will witness something wonderfully crazy like a man yelling to his girlfriend on the 6th floor while knocking down signs or a homeless person taking a dump next to you. Then there's Verve (pic #2) with it's photo opportunities and allergen friendly donuts. This place is one of the best but can also be flooded with people. There's also No Ghost Bears (pic #3) that you can go to if you're willing to go to the even sketchier part of sketchy downtown.

Enter TILT Coffee. Hosting of Heart coffee (Portland).

This place not only has great coffee but is off the beaten track which means less crowds and zero being hassled. The space is peaceful and staff is very friendly. They offer Oatmilk which is allergen friendly (although most coffee shops offer this now) and provide one of the most delicious drinks EVER:

The Cloud

The cloud consists of a cold cream they put instead of the typical milk foam. It SO FREAKIN GOOD. This drink is the only time I ever get a dessert-like drink. You can still cut the sugar by requesting no added sugar in it (but keeping the sugar crystal sprinkles on top is a must).

What makes this downtown "secret" a secret is that it's a little tricky the first time getting there.

Getting There

You can get to this shop two ways:

First option is off of 4th street just past the Krav Maga studio. The second option is through a tunnel off of Main st. seen below.

This place is worth finding. After you've tried the cloud, let me know what you think!

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