Practical Baby Gift Guide: Newborn to 3 Months.

When it comes to babies, anything and everything is cute. But busy parents need products that also function well. If you want to be a rock star baby gift giver and rock your friend or families world, I have thrown in things to consider based on the child's development so that you can get a gift that will for SURE be used and loved!

In the early days, babies don't need tons (if any) of toys. They don't need bright colored things, flashing lights, or any other overstimulating objects. They also don't need fancy clothes. And fancy clothes and toys are usually all that parents get in the beginning because it's easy and fun to shop for.

So here is my list of really practical baby items.

1. "Where's the sock?" Battle Solved: Zutano Booties! ($21)

Every baby needs two pairs of these.

Seriously, socks just don't stay on little feet. It used to drive me nuts till I discovered these booties. I love them so much. They are so practical and while they cost more than a pair of socks, the value on these booties will last a long time. And here is my favorite budget-friendly option.

2. Baby Carrier: Boba Baby Carrier ($59)

I am a big advocate for baby carriers in general. Even with my RIE parenting beliefs (that don't love babywearing), I still find incredible value in them for various reasons. For the first couple of months of life, I prefer a stretchy wrap like this Boba. At $59, it is a budget-friendly option and they have a lot of cute prints. As much as I love slings, they just put too much stress on one side of my body (even purses give me a hard time) so I really love how that the weight is distributed everywhere.

Also, with a postpartum belly, I like the support the stretchy fabric gives.

3. Sassy Stages Developmental Gym with Built-in Instructions ($69.99)

Another simple place to lay your child is an activity mat. This one has a nice design compared to most and is a little cheaper than similar options. It also comes with tips for every stage of development. I also, compared to nice wooden versions, this one is lighter and is easy to fold up and move around.

4. Co-Sleeper's Friend: Organic Snuggle Me ($99)

Co-sleeping parents will appreciate this kind of gift. This Organic Snuggle Me is what we used. It fit perfectly in our bed and offered a little bit of mental security. Even with goals to co-sleep, I remember being a little stressed about the unlikely chance of rolling onto my newborn. This gave us the best of both worlds.

Since then, I noticed this cheaper optio