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Practical Baby Gift Guide: 6 Months To 1 Year.

Updated: May 12, 2022

What a wonderful age! A time of teething, trying foods, crawling! So much is changing and with that, the gifts you give can start to be fun. As a mom of two boys, I have narrowed down the gifts that are also practical and will for sure be loved.

1. Their first book: ($29.99)

It's easy to get kids' books but a customized book is really special. We have several and they are really important to our family. Click the images to get the link.

Ergo 360 Baby Carrier ($159)

As the baby gets bigger and has more head control, I love introducing the Ergo 360! I love the support of these backpack like carriers. And having the option to face them toward you or away is great.

And the beautiful thing about giving a baby carrier gift is that parents will appreciate it even if they already have one. When you love baby carriers, it's nice to have a few options but you may not have the money to buy several yourself.

3. Silicone feeder. ($13.99)

Not only are these amazing for those early days of introducing foods but pop in a frozen banana and they are an instant popsicle! My 6-year-old STILL loves these. They also come in handy when there are any kiddo mouth injuries. Kids will be more likely to suck on a fruit pop than to get an ice pack put on their fat lip.

4. Giraffe Teether: ($29.99)

Teething! Never fun! This giraffe teether is a classic. Loved by many and top-rated. I love that it is cute yet has a chic feel to it compared to many teether toys.

5. Silicone footle bottle $13.99

A gift that parents don't even know they need! This bottle can hold plane water/milk as well as thicker foods like smoothies, baby food, and even oatmeal. The silicone is thick enough even my teething baby couldn't chew through it. It's compact enough to travel with, reusable and even my 6 years old loves it.

6. Graco Pack 'n Play Travel Dome LX Playard ($189.99)

Even if the parents already have a crib, having a travel bed is great. These can also be used as a playpen. We honestly never even got a crib and just used this till our kid was 2 years old.

This also might be good for co-sleeping parents as this is the age for some families to transition to a bed.

7. Placemat $29.97

What I love about this mat is that it's great for home and travel. It rolls up and tucks into the open tray part so it stays rolled up in your bag. It's easy to wash, stays on the table, and catches food so you don't make total messes everywhere.

8. Peekaboo Book ($9.99)

Board books are a must at this age. This book was pretty much THE ONLY book our boy would look at in the early months. At first, I didn't like the design of it (I mean, it's just a bunch of babyfaces) but what can I say? It's what the baby wants!

9. First Shoes ($13.89)

At this age, babies are working towards crawling. So their toes need to be protected but wearing thick, structured shoes is awkward at this point. So think flexible, thin mocassin shoes/slippers. These ones are really affordable and of great quality.

A Winter Option ($34.20)

We loved these booties! They are so cute and offer more warmth if the child is going through winter at this age.

10. Sensory pack: $12.98

Give the gift of sensory development with these textured, multi-shaped toys. They also can go in the bathtub, have a slight fun squeak to them, and are safe enough to be considered teethers.

Ball Rattle ($4.99)

At this age, they are starting to grasp and pick up toys. This one is easy to grasp, it has a slight entertaining rattle to it and is light enough the baby won't drop it on their head.

Hopefully, these products bring as much joy as they did me! And I would love to know: What are your go-to products for 6 months to 1-year-olds?

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