Practical Baby Gift Guide: 6 Months To 1 Year.

What a wonderful age! A time of teething, trying foods, crawling! So much is changing and with that, the gifts you give can start to be fun. As a mom of two boys, I have narrowed down the gifts that are also practical and will for sure be loved.

1. Their first book: ($29.99)

It's easy to get kids' books but a customized book is really special. We have several and they are really important to our family. Click the images to get the link.

Ergo 360 Baby Carrier ($159)

As the baby gets bigger and has more head control, I love introducing the Ergo 360! I love the support of these backpack like carriers. And having the option to face them toward you or away is great.

And the beautiful thing about giving a baby carrier gift is that parents will appreciate it even if they already have one. When you love baby carriers, it's nice to have a few options but you may not have the money to buy several yourself.

3. Silicone feeder. ($13.99)

Not only are these amazing for those early days of introducing foods but pop in a frozen banana and they are an instant popsicle! My 6-year-old STILL loves these. They also come in handy when there are any kiddo mouth injuries. Kids will be more likely to suck on a fruit pop than to get an ice pack put on their fat lip.

4. Giraffe Teether: ($29.99)

Teething! Never fun! This giraffe teether is a classic. Loved by many and top-rated. I love that it is cute yet has a chic feel to it compared to many teether toys.