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Swing Dance Partnered and Line Dance Classes

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Hosted by Sarah Breck, International Swing Dance Teacher/Competitor

Hello! A little about me. I traveled the world for 8 years helping dancers of all ages learn to Swing Dance. Then I had two boys and co-ran a 5-star Swing Dance studio in Los Angeles before finally settling in Boise. I've been wanting to create a community of people who want to get more in touch with their bodies and feel more confident on the dance floor. I hope to meet you soon!



Got a Party coming up?

Whether it's for a Bachelorette Party or just your everyday Friday night with the ladies, private group classes are available.

Rate: $150 per hour +



Sarah is an excellent dance instructor. When I first started dancing, I went to several studios in the LA area but nothing "clicked" until I took a class at the studio she worked at. Her teaching style is super beginner friendly and made all the difference. It's never too late to learn to dance and it will change your life and enrich it for the better.


I've had the pleasure of working with Sarah on numerous occasions, both while she was teaching group classes as well as in private lessons.

I'm a leader, and when I dance with Sarah she is able to give incredible feedback for how I can adjust what I'm doing to better convey my intention to the follower. Through her feedback I'm also able to understand what I can change to make my leading/dancing more comfortable for the follower I'm dancing with.

Lastly, even though I don't really follow, I have an immense appreciation for the way that Sarah teaches follower empowerment. Sarah teaches followers to play and make the dance their own within the structure of what the leader is offering. This is a really cool way to give followers more power to have fun and enjoy their dances, all while working with the leader. While taking lessons from Sarah as a lead this creates a really cool dynamic, because I get to learn how to watch my follower and adapt to what they're doing, which creates a more interesting and fun dance.


I learned and danced with Sarah when she had her dance studio in downtown LA. She is an amazing instructor for both leads and follows, and dances with such an aesthetic style. Sarah definitely understands the nuances of swing dancing and can break it down to just about anybody. I came to her studio with practically zero dance ability, and now I have a lifelong passion for dancing that I didn't think was possible. If you ever wanted to learn a dance the proper way, she is the one to go to!



I'm ready to get my dance on.
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