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Practical Baby Gift Guide: 1-2-Year-Olds.

Updated: May 12, 2022

They are walking, talking, and curious kiddos. Gift giving during this age is really fun and you have a lot of options now! Think art supplies! books! and toys that encourage creativity. Here are a few things to consider when it comes to giving kid gifts:

Where are they developmentally? Have you noticed them crawling or walking? This might determine the type of clothing you give them (cute tight jeans do not work when crawling! Neither do shorts typically).

What is the season? Kids grow so fast, you really need to be on top of the weather. You buy them something they probably won't wear right away, they will outgrow it by the time it's usable.

What are the parent's beliefs? Do they believe in healthy living? They will appreciate organic nontoxic materials. They might want cloth diapers instead of disposables. Is their home pretty stylish? They might want more natural toys with no plastic. I know for me, it was important my kids didn't have toys that were more about entertaining than encouraging creativity (like flashy plastic toys that made music).

I have a boy turning two and these were the major hits! The products most used, most versatile, and most loved.

So let's get rolling on my gift guide!!

1. Dig dig dig $23.95

Whether gardening or at the beach, every toddler loves to dig, pour water, and wear gloves. This kit is definitely a product the kids AND parents will love.

2. Tula Carrier ($159)

There are so many wonderful baby carriers out there! At this age, I really love the Tula carriers. They are cute and the backpack style provides a lot of support as the kids get heavier.

Since carriers are an extension of the outfit, it's nice to get new ones even if you already have one.

3. Block crayon ($21.95)

These crayons will make any crunchy mom really happy. Famous for being a Waldorf kid's first art supply, these are very high quality and easy to grasp for little hands. Pair it with a crayon holder for the wow effect.

4. Good for any season: Inflatable pool! $14.99

This was a surprisingly great gift I got for Christmas last year. In the summer it was a typical pool but in the winter we filled it with play balls and stuffies. It was small enough to have in their playroom. And then in the last part of its life, it became a wonderful toy to jump on for my 6-year-old. He eventually popped it but it would still be around otherwise. It was loved so much by both my boys, I will definitely buy another one this year.

5. Stroller $16.99

Every 1-4 year old needs a stroller. This was another pleasant surprise. I also love that it folds up for easy storage.

6. Duplos $19.95

Time to start building! Building blocks are great for their development and they have endless options. It's one of the few toys my 6-year-old and 1-year-old enjoy together.

7. Crayola washable markers $18.49

I'm not sure how it happened, but when my kid turned one he became obsessed with drawing on everything. So I HIGHLY recommend washable art products at this age.

8. Ball $10.00

Not just for kicking and throwing! My one-year-old loved throwing balls into the bushes and then diving in to get them. I just love simple products that are versatile!

9. The wow factor: $99.99

Okay, this one is if you want to be the hit of the party. It's BIG. It can be jumped on and a small kid can "ride it" with a parent's help. It's not soft and cuddly, unfortunately. This one is the least practical of this list but I just had to throw this Giraffe in the mix. It's just too fabulous and makes great photo ops. Our kids treat it as a pretend pet.

10. Playhouse $149.00

It's unfortunate that playhouses are so pricey but they really are a staple for kids. Thinking quality over quantity with kids, this playhouse will last through the YEARS. There is another nice cheaper option but my kid ended up pinching himself with it since it opens and closes and is wood. So for that, it didn't make my top list.

11. Dress up - firefighter $19.99

Time to start their play clothes collection and this is a great first one. I love that play clothes last several years and they encourage creative play.

And in case you missed it, here are more gift recommendations:

I would love to know what your favorite 1-2-year-old products are! Comment below.

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