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Not Your Everyday Sexy Dance Workout

I stumbled across a series of dance workouts on youtube and it got me thinking. I love the concept of people just DANCING. As a dance teacher who can lecture for hours on technique, I really enjoy the effective simplicity of just DOING. The best way to become a dancer is by just starting to move your body, however awkward it might feel in the beginning. And through repetition, skill and confidence increases.

I also started to reflect on my own personal journey this past year. About 6 months ago, I was confronted with this immense sense of feeling lost. After so many years of being a mom and wife, I feel like I hadn't prioritized my own growth. It has led me on a wild journey to discover my love and gift in Craniosacral Therapy among other things.

So when thinking about what would make my "dance workout" platform unique to me, I realized I wanted a space where people in similar situations could go. A place where you could get back in touch with yourself, your desires, what feels good, and just how to be present. Plus sweat and get a workout? Sign me up!

So here is my first video towards this goal. I would absolutely love to hear any and all feedback on this. Enjoy!

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