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My 5 Year Old's Frenectomy

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

"You really want to put him through this?" "How is this going to help?" has been what I have been hearing the last few months. Which makes sense. I mean, is it really that important to do a Frenectomy when you can just wait till they are older and see what happens? Worst case scenario they need braces right?

When I was a kid, I was told my teeth were too big and didn't fit in my mouth. They were shaved down and I had braces for years. I've recently come to learn that the problem wasn't my teeth, it was my narrowed palate probably and partially caused by my undiagnosed tongue tie. If you were to hear me speak, you wouldn't think I had a tongue tie. Those kids go to speech therapy, right? Well, you will be shocked at how many people have restricted tongue mobility and don't realize it. Check out this blog on all the shocking symptoms a tongue tie can create and tests that help you identify if you have one.

Thanks Zaghi from the Breath Institue

Several medical professionals had already spoken to me about Huxley's (and my) narrowed palate when I was at the Breath Institute getting my newborn examined for his soon to be Frenectomy (due to painful breastfeeding). It was enlightening and soon after I was making phone calls to my healthcare service, Liberty, to see how I can get Hux's Frenectomy shared into.

But you see, my son has more than just a narrowed palate. He also has excessive night time accidents. We've been working for years to boost his immunity up and he seems wired a lot (like he's on sugar when he is not or easily tips into meltdowns). The the biggest impact of all: his reactive airways from his mouth breathing.

And mouth breathing is a big deal.

We made huge improvements on his health via the AIP diet including getting rid of his chronic Asthma medication but I wanted my son to go from okay to optimal. Homeopathy treatments and enrollment into a forest school happened this year and hopefully my last stop will be: the Frenectomy!

Take a look at this video I made all about the experience as well as more info on Tongue Posture and Frenecetomys.

We got Chiropractic done at Berlin Wellness right before his Frenectomy

Natural Remedies for Comfort Measures:

Here are some things we used to naturally support his emotions and healing through this process:

►Homeopathy: Gelsemium - prior to surgery (fear)

►Homeopathy: Arnica - before and after (wound healing)

►Bach Flowers: Rescue - prior to surgery (stress)

►Homeopathy: Chamomilla - after for the rest of the day (irritability)

Where we are at now...

It has been almost 2 weeks post surgery. We are in the middle of what I find to be the toughest part of the process: post op exercises. These involve manually pulling our child's tongue up and down as well as getting him to do Myofacial therapy exercises. This is so difficult and I'm not seeing as much flexibility in his tongue as there should be. We might have to drive back down to LA to do a session with a therapist. I will know in the next few days.

The biggest bonus so far is he is not mouth breathing! I hear a deep nose breathing when I check on him at night. It also seems like a slight edge has been taken off. He hasn't had any major rages or tantrums since the surgery. Oddly, he did have three nights of really bad bedwetting but then it stopped so we will see what comes of it.

I will continue to update this post!

Have any of you had a Frenectomy done? How was your experience?

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