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Discovering Fabulous Nails Amidst Closed Salons And Financial Troubles.

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

I’ve developed an obsession lately ☞

Nails. It’s interesting that this has happened during COVID. I mean, I have no spare money for the acrylics I used to get nor can I go to a salon these days.

But when a friend convinced me to try Red Aspen’s Nail Dashes, I was surprised at how much value it added to my happiness bucket. And honestly, if I had the choice to go back to acrylics I probably wouldn’t. These puppies are cheaper, I can do them really quickly and at home and they last a shockingly long time.

I've been able to experiment with different shapes! And I love that if there is an accident, the nail is more likely to pop off than damage/cause pain to your nail bed (a disadvantage from how strong acrylics are). The short-length nails can handle mom's life. I wash tons of dishes, garden, do house projects, bake, and chase kids all day. And they last! And if they do pop off? It just takes another dot of glue and we are back in action.

I’ve been so in love, I decided to partner with Red Aspen.

Click this link to see what styles they are currently offering (seriously, someone please buy the cow print and send me pics!)

Personally, I have already made my Christmas wishlist. Check out the next ones on my list to buy!

Does anyone else have a nail obsession like me?!!

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