A Fun And Simple Way To Learn More About The Jazz Era.

Whether you have fallen in love with Swing Dancing or just love the music and fashion from the Jazz Era, your new passion comes with a level of responsibility ☞

Learning more about the history and culture. In a quest to help myself learn more, I created a simple system. In fact, systems (or habits) can be more powerful than setting a goal. Maybe you set a goal to read a book (which is totally awesome). But once that book is read, you have to set another goal...and another...and another. This takes a lot of willpower and you might suffer from the dreaded BURNOUT after the goal is completed. And since learning is an ongoing process vs a one-time thing, we need to create a system so that learning becomes automatic, self-motivation (willpower) isn't as necessary, and overwhelm is avoided.

So what has been that system for me? A yearly calendar of prominent Jazz Era artists and their BD's. So simple and powerful. Here is why:

When you schedule your learning, it actually happens. And I have already done all the scheduling for you! When their birthday pops up on your calendar, take a few minutes to do one or all of the following:

- Look them up online and read about their life.

- Listen to their music.

- Have a dance to their music.

- Watch their videos on Youtube.

If you are a Swing dance teacher/influencer, use this schedule when posting on your social media accounts or teaching classes.

You not only honor them on their birthday, but you expand your knowledge and it only takes a few minutes. And it's only $1.

How To Use

You can print this out and put it on your wall or three-hole punch it and put it in a binder or your favorite planner. For those who have specifically sized planners, the file you will receive will be a digital download in the following sizes:




-Classic Happy Planner

The file also comes with a dated and undated Calendar so you can choose to fill in your own dates as the years change.

Customize Your Calendar

Below each month there is empty space. This is for you to add the holidays you celebrate, your own BDs, and major events in your life. I also find that color coding is more visually pleasing. In the picture on the right, I show two options. You can place colored dots on the days of fill the squares completely in.

From there you can transfer the data to a digital calendar or use these dates when filling out your Monthly, Weekly, or Daily schedules.

And did I mention this system is only $1? These are sold in my Etsy shop. Check it out as well as other planner sheets I am currently offering. And I would love to know: Do you have a system or habits you have built to help incorporate learning about the Jazz Era in your life?

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