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My husband and I have travelled the world teaching people to Swing Dance for a decade. We now focus on our online Swing Dance school and teach privates out of our home studio. Most lessons are booked with my husband but I am available upon request.


Your ideas are blowing my dancing mind. The different beats Dax tried to make me follow, still working on it, expands my thinking. It's not like you opened up a door or window, it's more than you took away all the walls. Freedom -- wow. I'm still in shell shock.


My husband and I have been students of Dax and Sarah for approximately 3 years now, driving (6 hrs) every month just to take Lindy Hop/ Charleston swing dancing lessons from them. They have given us high-quality instruction second to none in our experience and opinion. Since taking lessons with Dax and Sarah, my husband and I have gone on to win or consistently place in national advanced level competitions, we have won an international competition


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